Update from Those Two Guys!

Many of you faithful backers, and perhaps many more would-be backers still sitting on the fence, want to know more details about THE GAME we are currently brainstorming. Well, THAT is precisely where we’re at, in the brainstorming stage-  that exciting time where all notions are cast up into a beautiful, fluid nebula of ideas that begin coalescing into concepts for a story, a hero, a villain, characters, worlds and gameplay;  Quite literally the birth of a new universe.
Worlds are forming and beings will evolve as the story develops. So why aren’t we releasing any details yet? Well, because the details are still very fluid in this early design phase. And, frankly, this is what part of the Kickstarter funds are for… to fund the “design” of the game. The script, if you will.
We have a virtual idea board that we’ve plaster with every sci-fi reference, gag, characters, crazy death, and puzzle ideas that we can throw at it. But most importantly, is the story. Story is King! Without a good narrative thread you’ve got NOTHING. So we’re also in the process of coming up with a compelling tale to stitch together all those ‘milk-out-the-nose’ moments we want you to experience in our game.  You could say we are in the pre-preproduction phase.
So, what can you expect to experience in our new game?  Here are Gir Draxon’s latest predictions:
  • A new (and unlikely) Space Hero will emerge from a lowly station but with a unique skill set. Possibly a female protagonist.
  • It will not feature a certain space janitor or other SQ characters
  • The Two Guys  (Scott and Mark) will be present as in-game characters
  • A new “Space Foul” character will definitely be making a prominent debut
  • You will navigate your own spacecraft through the SpaceVenture galaxy.
  • You will engage in hilarious space dogfight sequences.
  • No recent sci-fi/fantasy related movie, series or video game is safe from our parody scope. We’re looking at you Avatar, Firefly, and Halo.
  • The game will play, look, sound and feel  every bit like it was cut from the same cloth as our previous creations, ONLY MUCH BETTER in very way! We’ve learned a thing or two and tech has improved a little since the 90s.

A Night With Those Two Guys From Andromeda!

Hey guys! Thanks for listening to our live audio/video stream! If you missed it, no problem! We recorded it, see below!

Also, here is a free wallpaper involving Prototype 2:


Please listen to the audio below involving Prototype 2. Scott and Mark explain everything. Warning: The actual discussion does not begin until 29 mins in. So please skip to 29 mins into the video. We had some technical difficulties and you could not hear Chris Pope.



Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, and Chris Pope are live(as of 5/20/12 6pm PST / 9pm EST) together to talk about Prototype 2’s release. News on the real planned game, and to begin a series of live talks about their(Scott and Mark) history with Sierra and the making of all the original Space Quest games! Now is your chance to get your questions answered… live!



SpaceVenture Tier Update!

Almost two thousand of you guys filled out our survey and gave feedback. The top things requested included adding a $45 tier with something collectible, and to receive the limited edition T-Shirt at lower tiers. Order up! 🙂

$45 – Newly Added Tier:
“COLLECTORS EDITION AUTOGRAPHED 8×10 + INVOLVED EASTER EGG IN GAME: An 8×10 art print signed by Scott and Mark along with the entire development team. This item will be available as a Kickstarter ONLY reward item, never to be reproduced! All higher PHYSICAL reward tiers will also receive this new item! The artwork will also involve a special in game Easter egg dedicated to the $45 and up backers! This tier also includes all previous rewards. The 8×10 print will be mailed to you. International backers please add $5 shipping and handling.”

$75 – Newly Added Tier
TWO GUYS SPACEVENTURE “BACKER ONLY” T-SHIRT. This tier includes all previous rewards including the new 8×10 reward. This also means the $100 PHYSICAL and above tiers receive the T-shirt as well. International backers please include $15 shipping and handling.

A Little Pink Update!

Hi, all —

A quick update on a Tuesday morning. First, I have added a few new reward tiers for those who wish to get both T-shirts. See below. Also, Raleigh recorded a new message for us. Thanks, Raleigh!
A message from Raleigh

New “Both T-Shirt” tiers

$115 — gets everything at the $100-102 tier PLUS both T-shirts

$215 — gets everything at the $200 tier PLUS both T-shirts

$265 — gets everything at the $250 tier PLUS both T-shirts

$515 — gets everything at the $500 tier PLUS both T-shirts

The $1000 and up tiers will get both T-shirts included, if they want both.

Please note that the second T-shirt is NOT included in any other tiers (despite those tiers says ‘everything in previous tiers’). There’s just no way to edit that wording on the old tiers.

This is a bit wonky, but having separate tiers is the easiest way for us to manage the goodies later on.

Thanks for your patience!


SpaceVenture Prototype…

You can check it out here.

The Two Guys from Andromeda also shared:

Prototype 1 will soon be available on more than just Chrome.

We plan for all future prototypes to be playable in more than just Chrome upon release.

Please listen to the audio before Prototype 1 as well as after. These are the audio clips with Scott and Mark 🙂

HTML5 is used for the prototypes. As for the game, we are seeking all options. Best not to jump to conclusions.. that can lead to fear, fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. And that my friends is the path to the dark s… Oh wait, uh, nevermind.

Have you guys met with xyz company(s) about getting the Space Quest IP you ask? Yes

Are you going to create an FAQ for the Kickstarter? Yes, soon!

Are you going to make a $1015 with digital download like you did the $115 tier? Yes, soon!

Does the soundtrack come with the $100 tiers? Yes it sure does 🙂

Are you going to put up a Paypal payment option eventually? Yes, once we reach the $500k level. PayPal doesn’t count towards our kickstarter goal so we have to do it that way.

Will there be more videos from you guys? Yes, you’re gonna love the next!

What about audio updates? Chris Pope will be giving you updates on almost a daily bases using audio clips, along with some frequent updates from the Two Guys 🙂

Will you be offering the game in languages other than English? We’ll need to get passed the 500k mark, but that is 100% something we are shooting to do.

Do you really love us fans? Yes, how could you doubt us?

Thanks so much everyone! And remember, to spread the word, mention http://tgakick.com