Free Stuff! And Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff?

So – who doesn’t like free games? The wonderful creator of Leisure Suit Larry is offering an assortment of free games! You can get Spin Palace Gaming (which has like 84 Casino Games!), The Black Cauldron, Donald Duck’s Playground, Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood, Mickey’s Space Adventure, Troll’s Tale, Dragon’s Keep, The Laffer Utilities and Softporn! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Check it out on Al Lowe’s Download Page!

Quiz Time! And How To Pass It!

Remember how some of the Leisure Suit Larry games had the “Age Quiz” to verify how old you were? If you were like me and were just too “dumb” to know all the answers – don’t worry! The answers are at hand! There’s the ones for Leisure Suit Larry 1 and Leisure Suit Larry 3 and even Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA! So now there’s no excuse to replay those games and fall in love with Larry all over again!

It’s The Little Things…

… and what more would you expect from Larry Laffer, right?

The FavIcon has now been customized to fit Leisure Suit Larry! You may need to delete your cache and history in order to see the new icon! If you run into a problem, let us know on the forum!

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More Larry Goodness!

Who can get enough of Larry? No one!
If you head into the forums and go into the Control Panel, and Edit Avatar, there’s been a handful of new avatars added from Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail. Enjoy!

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