LSL3 – Easter Egg

Save The Tip – By Sucking A Tip?

  • To get into the strip club as Passionate Patti, you can bribe the matire’d with the tip jar on your piano… or you can type ‘suck c*ck‘. The game will confirm your request to do this and if you type ‘yes‘ you will be treated to some secret dialogue and animation and you’ll keep your hard earned tips!

Talk To The Creators

  • Start LSL3
  • Get to the comedy club
  • Go inside
  • Walk to the two guys sitting at the table in the lower-left corner of the screen
  • Type talk to al
  • Type in anything you want in the next input window.
  • Bill will talk to Al and tell him an idea about Larry walking in and saying to them exactly what you typed.
  • They will go away and you get a point.