First Time Around.

Nontoonyt Tonite! Everything’s better the second time around, isn’t it? You’ve learned what to do right; how things work; what goes in what hole, and how – hopefully – to last a little longer than you did the first time around. And by this, I mean, riding … a bike. Yes. Riding a bike. The first time around, you’re a little too eager. You jump on there. You haven’t had much practice. And before you know it, you’ve fallen off, and the … ride… is over. So the second time around, it’s usually better. You’ve got some practice in. You know what’s right and wrong. And you can do it a little longer. Riding a bike, that is. So… just like when you played Leisure Suit Larry in 16 Color EGA… wasn’t it better, when you ventured back into your Leisure Suit and tried to “ride the bike” again in stunning 256 Color?