LSL7 – Liar’s Dice

Cheat at Liar’s Dice

There is a little cheat to make it easier for everyone: Dewmi’s dice cup slides off so you can see what she sees! (But she can’t see yours.)

Alt-Drag the lid anywhere on the screen and it will stay there. (Alt-Drag means “hold down the Alt key, click down on Dewmi’s dice cup as you drag it.) You still have to know how to play Liar’s Dice, but it’s a whole lot easier when you can see her hand!

Or… just do¬†Control C to see her dice.

Dewmi’s Liar’s Dice Strategies

You have to learn to play Liar’s Dice pretty well to beat Dewmi. She knows how to bluff, and plays pretty well herself. The rules are explained in the right side menu.

If you have a good roll, bet 1 or 2 higher in the number you have the most of. If Dewmi raises you, and you think she can’t make it, go ahead and challenge her. If you think she can make it, put your good dice out in the open (the boxes between the cups), and then bet one higher. Reroll the rest of your dice. She may challenge you and lose, or she may raise again. If she does, it is probably good to challenge her.

If you have a lousy roll, raise her initial bet by 1. This is where lying pays off. Then, if she raises again, challenge her. She will often fall for this ploy. If you can see that she will make it, you will have to re-raise. Often going to the special dots bets is the only way to go.

Also, remember to save your game when you win and restore when you go down. But is that fair?