Torin’s Passage – Music.

From Al Lowe:
I recently discovered these original recordings by Michel LeGrand. After we discussed the music needed for the game, he composed these songs and recorded them in his studio so I could hear his thoughts and suggest changes if needed. He introduces each song and even sings along on some of the cuts. I think you’ll agree: this is priceless raw data of interest to every Torin’s Passage fan!

Heroic Theme
Love Theme
Battle Theme
Lycentia’s Theme
Comic Theme
Traveling Theme
Mysterious Theme
Suspence Theme
Sad Theme

Also – And now, thanks to Knut Strand, you can download the music:

The Lands Above
Abandoned Farm
Crystal City
Crystal to Escarpa
Guard House
Home Sweet Home
Inchie’s Chase
Lands Above Forest
Making The Crystal Work
Peat Bog
Slim & Slime Eye Five


Crystal to Pergola
Dragon’s Lair
Girl’s Pool Party
King Rupert’s Home
Veder’s Hangout


River of Lava
The Crystal
The Forest


The Lands
The Roundabout


Damsel in Distress
Lycentia’s Lair (Part 1)
Lycentia’s Lair (Part 2)
The Void


Al Lowe Easter Egg
Puppy Love
The Adventure Begins

NOTE: All of the above music can be downloaded from this Zip File (29 MB).