Leisure Suit Larry 2

Leisure Suit Larry 2Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places) was initially released in 1988 by SIERRA ONLINE, INC.

We find our hero, Larry Laffer, mowing Eve’s lawn (not like that!) as Eve pulls up and screams at Larry to leave (and that, what he thought was true love, turns out to only be a one night stand – one, that Eve barely even remembers!)

Autographed: Al Lowe

Autographed: Al Lowe

So now, Larry is once again, all alone. Feeling down and out, Larry wanders the streets of Los Angeles, when he eventually – with your help – not only wins the lottery, but also manages to win a trip on a game show! During all of this, some microfilm comes (unknowingly) into Larry’s hands – and that has the KGB and the evil Dr. Noonookie after him and that Microfilm!

Leisure Suit Larry 2 PC Demo

NOTE: Watching the videos may contain some spoilers, if you have not yet already played the game!

The Black Book (Copy Protection)
The Ladies Lady of Leisure Suit Larry 2
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