The Music of Larry 1 and 2

Leisure Suit Larry 1 and 2:

For Your Thighs Only:
[audio: For Your Thighs Only.mp3]

[audio: Leftys.mp3]

The Fatal Flush:
[audio: The Fatal Flush.mp3]

The Pimp:
[audio: The Pimp.mp3]

Adult Television Show:
[audio: Adult Television Show.mp3]

The Hooker:
[audio: The Hooker.mp3]

Taxi Ride:
[audio: Taxi Ride.mp3]

[audio: Quicki-Mart.mp3]

The Casino:
[audio: The Casino.mp3]

Casino Showroom:
[audio: Casino Showroom.mp3]

The Disco:
[audio: The Disco.mp3]

Disco Larry:
[audio: Disco Larry.mp3]

The Alley Incident:
[audio: The Alley Incident.mp3]

Quicki-Wed Chapel:
[audio: Quicki-Wed Chapel.mp3]

Honeymoon Suite:
[audio: Honeymoon Suite.mp3]

All Tied Up:
[audio: All Tied Up.mp3]

[audio: Faith.mp3]

Eve (Closing Credits):
[audio: Eve (Closing Credits).mp3]