Leisure Suit Larry Music


One day, (May 11, 1987 to be exact) shortly before Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was due to ship, I realized it didn’t have a theme song. (Remember, back in 1987, most games only had music on their title screens, if there!)

Gosh, maybe I’d better slap something together?

I happened to hear a story on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered that day about how it was Irving Berlin’s 99th birthday that day. When they played his 1929 song, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, it sounded so unusual, so, different, so fresh ccompared to most computer game music, that I decided to write something with the same pep, simplicity, humor, and out-of-sync attitude. I sat down at the piano, and within about 20 minutes, I had finished the Leisure Suit Larry Theme.

I didn’t spend a lot of time polishing or perfecting it. What the hell? It was only for a computer game, where most people would never hear more than a few beeps and boops of the melody, and that only through those horrible IBM-compatible tweakers. Why bother?

Little did I know that over the next decade my silly little ditty would be heard by millions of gamers, many of whom have sworn revenge against me for making it so “whistle-able” that they can’t get it out of their heads!

Fortunately, Sierra never asked for the copyrights to the music I wrote for my games, so I retained all the rights to it. And now I can grant you some, too.

You are hereby given my permission to download and print a copy of this copyrighted music, as long as you promise to use it only for personal purposes…and to practice your instrument until you can play it properly when asked!

Download The Sheet Music Here.

Leisure Suit Larry Theme
Music © 1987 by Al Lowe
Lyrics by Alex Scobell and William Miracle

Leisure Suit Larry, the guy tries his best,
Picking up ladies to gain him some sex,
But it all ends in hilarity when it turns out that girl is a guy.
Leisure Suit Larry, the leisure suit guy,
Leisure Suit Larry, he’s gonna die,
In several improbable ways that never happen in real life.

This is the middle part also called a solo
Except the entire song is instrumental,
At least it was before we sang over it,
Now for the next verse.

Leisure Suit Larry, he sure dies a lot,
But it’s OK, it relates to the plot.
So, click restart you sissy boy and get all the questions right.
Get all the questions right,
Get all the questions right,
And get Larry laid quick.
Larry wants some
Sex right now.

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