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Leisure Suit Larry I’ve gone and dug up my original shirt that I purchased from Sierra many, many, many, many eons ago – and managed to not only keep, but keep in excellent condition! That’s right folks, it’s the original Larry Laffer shirt from Land of the Lounge Lizards. I remember wearing this as a kid (much to the dismay of my father)!

The shirt was only available from that Snazzy Pink Form.

You can see more by clicking:
Leisure Suit Larry: Front Shirt.

Leisure Suit Larry: Front Shirt (Close Up).

Leisure Suit Larry: Back Shirt.

Leisure Suit Larry: Back Shirt (Close Up).

It’s almost as cool as wearing a Leisure Suit. Almost.

Larry Pops Up (1-5)


If the below videos don’t stream – click the description below for a direct link!

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