LSL7 – Tips & Tricks

Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! Psychedelic Mode
To enable psychedelic mode, press [Ctrl] + P twice. Alternately, after winning Strip Lair’s Poker, press [Ctrl] + P once.

Winning the craps contest:

If you can’t get close enough to the craps table, eat the bean dip in the restaurant. Return to the casino and stand near the dapper men playing craps. Click on Larry, select “fart” and watch the room clear!

Now you can reach the table, but you’ll never win with those dice the croupier gives you. Use your shaved dice on the craps table to win.

If you don’t have shaved dice, go back to your cabin and pick up the industrial-grade toilet paper. Then take the dice from the foot of Venus in the sculpture garden. In your inventory, use the toilet paper on the dice. Now they can’t lose!

Getting Drew out of the shower:

Take the fire hose from the promenade deck. Return to your cabin. Remove the spray can from the toilet pipe. Attach the fire hose to the red water pipe and the toilet, then flush the toilet. She’ll be out of there in no time!