LSL3 – Proof Of Age

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The Age Questions:

The Trilateral Commission is b. the international monetary exchange regulatory agency.
Henry “Hank” Aaron is best known for a. his prowess with a stick.
Acupuncture is d. an ancient form of Chinese medicine.
If you inhaled Agent Orange you were probably a. in Vietnam.
An abacus is b. a technique for counting.
Your abdomen is located c. beneath your chest.
A W-4 is b. a tax form.
The Electoral College is d. ridiculous.
The Presidency of Gerald Ford is remembered for d. nothing much.
OPEC is c. the coalition of oil producing countries.
“The Andy Griffith Show” was a spinoff of d. none of the above
An aneurysm is c. an enlargement in an artery.
In 1979, the Vice-President of the U.S. was nicknamed b. “Fritz.”
A balloon mortgage is c. a type of home loan
Who played Patty Duke’s cousin on “The Patty Duke Show?” a. Patty Duke
Krakatoa is actually ____ of Java. a. West
Jack Benny’s chauffer was c. Rochester.
“Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s d. chowder?”
“You won’t have ____ to kick around any more.” a. Richard Nixon
“Candy is dandy, but” d. “liquor is quicker.”
Abbie Hoffman wrote d. “Steal This Book.”
Who died in “Love Story?” a. Ali McGraw
A philatelist is d. a stamp collector.
Comedians often play in c. the Borscht Belt.
“Ask any mermaid you happen to see,” b. What’s the best tuna?
Charles Dickens wrote b. “David Copperfield.”
Lizzy Borden gave her mother d. forty whacks.
The five Marx brothers were Groucho, Harpo, Chico, b. Zeppo and Gummo.
Pesticide is c. a bug killer.
An oil glut is d. an overabundance of the commodity in the world markets.
A philanthropist is a. a humanitarian.
“The Munster’s” pet dragon was called a. Spot.
Cat Stevens is c. a singer/songwriter who “got religion.”
In the TV show “Rawhide,” Rowdy Yates was played by b. Clint Eastwood
The “Women’s Suffrage” movement was run by a. Susan B. Anthony.
Two famous sex researchers were b. Masters and Johnson.
What is a “Brainfour?” a. a thinking device
The fastest speed you would reach if you jumped off a 40-story building is d. irrelevant to you at the time.
Are you a kid? c. No.
Social Security is d. some sort of governmental thing.
“All Along the Watchtower” is a b. song by Bob Dylan.
In the 60’s television show, U.N.C.L.E. stood for b. United Network Command for Law Enforcement.
Vertigo is d. both A and B.
Watergate is a. a hotel.
A “condominium” is c. an apartment you can purchase.
Which was not a ’60s rock group? d. The Bangles
Spiro Agnew was c. an ex-con.
In 1980, Americans supported the Iranian hostages by d. tying up innocent trees in yellow ribbons.
In the mid-70’s, you had the “dry look” if you b. used a blow dryer.
A square root is a a. mathematical term.
Senile people d. (I forget the fourth answer.)
“Brown vs Board of Education” concerned b. desegregation.
Canasta is c. a card game.
If someone called you a thespian, he would probably be a. referring to your dramatic skills.
ARVN stands for the b. “Army of the Republic of Viet Nam.”
“The Naked Lunch” is d. a beatnik novel.
The Gestapo was a c. WWII German police force.
“LSD” is b. able to really mess up your head.
Analgesics are used to a. control pain.
The term “Baby Boom” refers to the c. increased birthrate following WWII.
Someone interested in animal husbandry d. breeds livestock.
A Bar Mitzvah is a b. Jewish religious ceremony.
The Big Bang is c. how the universe got its start.
The U.S. Vice-President elected in 1988 was d. All of the above.
What is interface protocol? c. foreplay between consenting computers
Josephine the _____ d. Plumber
Who had a rabbit and a talking grandfather clock? a. Captain Kangaroo
What band was Paul McCartney in before Wings? b. The Beatles
If they could just stay little until their _____ wear out. a. Carters
What was the first TV show with the sound of a flushing toilet? d. “All in the Family”
What TV show featured an appearance by Richard Nixon? c. “Laugh-In.”
The phrase “Cutting the cheese” refers to d. flatulence.
Which of the following was NOT a carbonated drink? a. “Nik-L-Nip”
The “Domino Theory” refers to b. Southeast Asia.
“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is c. an adjective.
In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy’s last name was b. Gale.
Who fought the Battle of the Bulge? c. General MacAuliffe
Muhammad Ali was originally known as a. Cassius Clay.
Marijuana has never been called d. off.
Who never won the Nobel Peace Prize? c. Linus Pauling
In the Spanish Civil War, the Fascists defeated the c. Libertarians.
Ronald Reagan was never a b. professional football player.
The Mason-Dixon Line is a c. surveying boundary.
Muhammed Ali was known for d. All of the above.
Which of the following is not a Woody Allen film? a. “Exteriors”
People discussing arms control are b. mitigating the destructiveness of war.
Artificial insemination is the c. technique widely used to breed animals.
Artificial intelligence is a. computers pretending to be human.
The author of this game likes to wear his hair d. on the inside.
Mikhail Baryshnikov is famous for? d. All of the above.
What occurred at the Bay of Pigs? b. A big mistake.
Which was not a Beatles song? c. “Put This In Your Mouth”
Pearl Harbor is best known for c. being bombed during World War II.
Macadamia nuts are d. common in Hawaii.
Mace is a. liquid tear gas.
If “the rabbit died,” what really happened is b. somebody’s been doing something to someone.
What can you get in a “red light” district? a. in many cases, trouble
To impress your date, you should c. not bring up the vast quantities of ear hair they have.
According to men, women think foreplay should last d. All of the above.
I am easily offended by d. None of the above.
The rhythm method is b. a popular form of birth control.
Eleven inches is d. more than I have.
Who should be on top, the male or the female? d. What species?
Which of the following does not belong? a. walking the dog
How many virgin cheerleaders are there? d. Too many.
Which of the following does not belong? c. Tire iron
Who comes on New Year’s Eve? d. Sometimes, me
A conundrum is b. a riddle.
What lies on the back of a Playboy centerfold? a. several jokes
What celebrity was the first Ronald McDonald? a. Willard Scott
A homophone is c. a word that sounds like another word.
What is “Where the Rubber hits the Road?” b. Firestone
Who does not belong? b. Phyllis Diller
A reefer is d. sometimes smoked illegally.
TM is most often associated with a. the Bahgwan Shree Rajneesh.
Buddy Holly died c. in an airplane crash.
What did Gomer Pyle say when he was excited? a. Shazam!
A loop is d. All of the above.
Decalcomania is c. sticky.
STD is b. something to avoid.
Who does not belong? c. Stevie Wonder
Who invented “The Twist?” a. Chubby Checker
CP/M is d. an operating system.
Chlamydia is b. often “gotten off a toilet seat.”
Who was not in the original “Saturday Night Live” cast? c. Eddie Murphy
Which of these do you consider most offensive? a. Abstinence
An IUD is d. supposed to limit reproduction.
Which of these is out of place? c. bridge club
Which of these is not related to fowls. b. getting laid
What country produces the Mercedes Benz? a. The same folks that brought you sauerkraut
What does the “F” stand for in JFK? b. Fitzgerald