Leisure Suit Larry 7

Leisure Suit Larry 7Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love for Sail! was released on October 31, 1996 by SIERRA ONLINE.

Once again, Larry Laffer finds that true love seems to last about as long as he does in bed. Shamara, who Larry Laffer seduced and loved so tenderly at the end of Leisure Suit Larry VI now has Larry Laffer tied to the bed (it seems to be going well, doesn’t it?) – only things go wrong, as she takes all of his money and tosses his wallet aside, leaving him tied to the bed. In an effort to free himself, Larry manages to catch the room on fire and is forced to escape the burning inferno with what few possessions he is able to grab and save!

Again, dejected by true love, and having nowhere to go and nothing to his name (since it all burned down), Larry manages to locate a cruise ticket, where he goes on the ship to try and win several contests so that he might win an extra week on the ship in Captain Thygh’s cabin! Along the way, Larry will met – and with any luck! – seduce some very beautiful women!

Leisure Suit Larry 7 PC Demo

NOTE: Watching the videos may contain some spoilers, if you have not yet already played the game!

The Ladies of Leisure Suit Larry 7
Liar’s Dice
Easter Eggs
Teleport LSL7
Tips & Tricks
Leisure Suit Larry 7 Walk Through
Leisure Suit Larry 7 PC Demo