The Music of Larry 3

Leisure Suit Larry 3:

For Your Thighs Only:
[audio: For Your Thights Only.mp3]

Nontoonyt Island:
[audio: Nontoonyt Island.mp3]

Girl In The Binoculars:
[audio: Girl In The Binoculars.mp3]

Natives, Inc.
[audio: Natives Inc.mp3]

Nontoonyt Resort:
[audio: Nontoonyt Resort.mp3]

Tawnee at the Beach:
[audio: Tawnee at the Beach.mp3]

The Comedy Hut:
[audio: The Comedy Hut.mp3]

Casino Showroom:
[audio: Casino Showroom.mp3]

Cherru and Larry’s Casino Show:
[audio: Cherri and Larry’s Casino Show.mp3]

Cherri Tart:
[audio: Cherri Tart.mp3]

Casino Lounge – Part 1:
[audio: Casino Lounge – Part 1.mp3]

Fat City:
[audio: Fat City.mp3]

The Incredible Dork:
[audio: The Incredible Dork.mp3]

[audio: Bambi.mp3]

Bambi’s Video Workout:
[audio: Bambi’s Video Workout.mp3]

Crab Dance:
[audio: Crab Dance.mp3]

Dewey, Cheatem and Howe:
[audio: Dewey Cheatem and Howe.mp3]

Patti’s Theme:
[audio: Patti’s Theme.mp3]

Patti’s Theme II:
[audio: Patti’s Theme II.mp3]

Casino Lounge – Part 2:
[audio: Casino Lounge – Part II.mp3]

Love Theme For Leisure Suit Larry 3:
[audio: Love Theme for Leisure Suit Larry 3.mp3]

Patti’s Quest:
[audio: Patti’s Quest.mp3]

The Burlesque Review:
[audio: The Burlesque Review.mp3]

Chip N Dales:
[audio: Chip N Dales.mp3]

Dale Carlsonian:
[audio: Dale Carlsonian.mp3]

Bamboo Jungle:
[audio: Bamboo Jungle.mp3]

In Pursuit of Pulsating Pectorals:
[audio: In Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals.mp3]

Patti Just Say “No!”
[audio: Patti Just Say No.mp3]

Rope Climbing for Beginners:
[audio: Rope Climbing For Beginners.mp3]

Dance of the Feral Pig:
[audio: Dance of the Feral Pig.mp3]

The River Log Ride:
[audio: The River Log Ride.mp3]

Nontoonyt Tribe of Amazonian Women:
[audio: Nontoonyt Tribe of Amazonian Woman.mp3]

[audio: Sierraland.mp3]

Police Quest Set:
[audio: Police Quest Set.mp3]

Space Quest Set:
[audio: Space Quest Set.mp3]

King’s Quest Set:
[audio: Kings Quest Set.mp3]

The End:
[audio: The End.mp3]