Al Lowe’s Attic – Dragon’s Keep

Courtesy of MetalJesusRocks, we learned that Al Lowe had gone up into his attic to look at what he had – and what he had was a treasure trove.

For starters, he had a ton of original source code that he himself had backed up – which included Leisure Suit Larry 1, Leisure Suit Larry 2, Leisure Suit Larry 3, Leisure Suit Larry 5 and The Dark Crystal, King’s Quest III, Police Quest and so much more.

Photos of some of that is down below – but the most amazing thing – Al Lowe decided to sell these on ebay – and I bet not even Al Lowe predicted how much some of these games would fetch!

Now what makes Dragon’s Keep unique is that this isn’t a Sierra game; as a matter of fact, it was one of the first programs Al Lowe had programmed and it was under his own “company” name of Sunny Side Soft.

The way Dragon’s Keep worked was: The Dragon has captured 16 animals around the world, and it’s your job to liberate them! However, if the dragon appears on the screen you will have to leave and come back to liberate them. Below are some of the pictures: