LSL7 – Easter Eggs


For those of you who’d like to see…. ummmmm… a little bit “more” of the women in the latest Larry game, we’re providing a list of the game’s 7 Easter eggs. “What’s an Easter egg”, you ask? It’s an old computer gaming tradition! Whenever a game is created, the programmers tend to put a few things in which are not normally accessable (without exact knowledge of how to trigger them), so that they can impress their friends after the game is released. Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail! is no exception in the Easter egg department, except for the fact that virtually the entire art staff was in on the joke, and the eggs are considerably more extensive than you’ll find in most other games.

Nope, the Larry eggs are no list of programmer birthdays, no proposal to an animator’s girlfriend, no chorus line of dancing knights, no loud belches, no egotistic declaration of development superiority. Those have all been done by other programs across the history of computer gaming. No, the Larry eggs are pretty much exactly what you’d expect: nekkid wimmen. Honest! Here’s how to trigger them…

Annette egg
Trigger: Before you give Annette the insurance policy, click on the crotch of the third statue on the left side of the hallway outside the Boning cabin. Select Other, and type “unzip”.
Payoff: When you ring Annette’s doorbell to give her the policy, you will see what she’s doing with all that money she just inherited.

Drew egg #1
Trigger: Click on the pesky branch, select Other, and type “push”.
Payoff: The branch will move, displaying Drew’s attributes.

Drew egg #2
Trigger: Try to use the orgasmic powder on Drew’s Gigantic Erection. Then click on the Gigantic Erection and try to drink it.
Payoff: When Drew stands up to walk to your cabin, Larry won’t block Your view.

Drew egg #3
Trigger: After the Juggs’ concert, return to the lounge. Climb up on stage, then walk to the next screen west. Click on the mixer, select Other, and type “feel”. You will receive a set of earplugs.
Payoff: The next time you talk to Drew, you will be unable to hear her demand that you look in her eyes, and will therefore continue to look downwards.

Jamie egg
Trigger: As soon as you enter the ballroom, click on Larry, select Other, and type “dream”.
Payoff: You will immediately see what Larry is dreaming about Jamie.

Juggs egg
Trigger: In the library, there’s a stuffed beaver on one of the bookcases. Click on the beaver, select Other, and type “milk”.
Payoff: The next time you go to the Juggs’ dressing room, they’ll be doing their hair… au naturale.

Victorian/Vicki egg
Trigger: After you’ve changed Victorian to Vicki, her computer monitor will display the shower scene from Leisure Suit Larry 6. Ctrl-click the left man.
Payoff: Vicki’s nude chest will be revealed when Larry finally gets lucky with her.

A Western Feel

This is an easy egg to reveal. Go to the area where you first meet the Juggs (in the hot tub). If you listen, the music has a country feel to it. Well, it happens that this music is a tribute to another of Al Lowe’s games, Freddy Pharkas. Al Lowe mentioned he needed a country song but didn’t want to pay royalties – so using a song from Sierra’s catalog – a game he designed was too perfect!