Ever wonder how Larry Evolved?

Some would say a guy like Larry never evolved! But he really did!

Check out the Evolution of Larry Laffer!

First, Larry Laffer appeared in Leisure Suit Larry I: In The Land of the Lounge Lizards in July 1987.

Second, Larry Laffer appeared in Leisure Suit Larry II: Goes Looking For Love (In Several Wong Places) in October 1988.

Next, Larry Laffer appeared in Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals in November 1989.

Larry Laffer would next appear in a VGA Remake of Leisure Suit Larry I: In The Land of the Lounge Lizards in July 1991.

When the series continues, there is no Leisure Suit Larry IV, so Larry Laffer’s next appearance is in Leisure Suit Larry V: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work in September 1991.

The next one does away with Passionate Patti, and goes back to a Leisure Suit Larry 1 feel with Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out! in 1993.

A CD version of Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out! was released in 1993, which saw slightly improved graphics from the disk version.

Larry Laffer appears, for the last time, in Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love For Sail! in 1996.

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Leisure Suit Larry 1 VGA: Manual
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Hint Book (Without the actual hints)
Leisure Suit Larry 2 Manual
Leisure Suit Larry 3 Manual
Leisure Suit Larry 5 Manual
Leisure Suit Larry 6 Calendar

Leisure Suit Larry 1 Hintbook PDF
Leisure Suit Larry 2 Hintbook PDF
Leisure Suit Larry 3 Hintbook PDF
Leisure Suit Larry 5 Hintbook PDF
Leisure Suit Larry 6 Hintbook PDF

The Music Of Leisure Suit Larry!


One day, (May 11, 1987 to be exact) shortly before Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was due to ship, I realized it didn’t have a theme song. (Remember, back in 1987, most games only had music on their title screens, if there!)

Gosh, maybe I’d better slap something together?

I happened to hear a story on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered that day about how it was Irving Berlin’s 99th birthday that day. When they played his 1929 song, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, it sounded so unusual, so, different, so fresh ccompared to most computer game music, that I decided to write something with the same pep, simplicity, humor, and out-of-sync attitude. I sat down at the piano, and within about 20 minutes, I had finished the Leisure Suit Larry Theme.

I didn’t spend a lot of time polishing or perfecting it. What the hell? It was only for a computer game, where most people would never hear more than a few beeps and boops of the melody, and that only through those horrible IBM-compatible tweakers. Why bother?

Little did I know that over the next decade my silly little ditty would be heard by millions of gamers, many of whom have sworn revenge against me for making it so “whistle-able” that they can’t get it out of their heads!

Fortunately, Sierra never asked for the copyrights to the music I wrote for my games, so I retained all the rights to it. And now I can grant you some, too.

You are hereby given my permission to download and print a copy of this copyrighted music, as long as you promise to use it only for personal purposes…and to practice your instrument until you can play it properly when asked!

Download The Sheet Music Here.

Leisure Suit Larry Theme
Music © 1987 by Al Lowe
Lyrics by Alex Scobell and William Miracle

Leisure Suit Larry, the guy tries his best,
Picking up ladies to gain him some sex,
But it all ends in hilarity when it turns out that girl is a guy.
Leisure Suit Larry, the leisure suit guy,
Leisure Suit Larry, he’s gonna die,
In several improbable ways that never happen in real life.

This is the middle part also called a solo
Except the entire song is instrumental,
At least it was before we sang over it,
Now for the next verse.

Leisure Suit Larry, he sure dies a lot,
But it’s OK, it relates to the plot.
So, click restart you sissy boy and get all the questions right.
Get all the questions right,
Get all the questions right,
And get Larry laid quick.
Larry wants some
Sex right now.

Download the music to Leisure Suit Larry 1 & 2 Here!
Download the music to Leisure Suit Larry 3 Here!
Download the music to Leisure Suit Larry 5 Here!
Download the music to Leisure Suit Larry 6 Here!
Download the music to Leisure Suit Larry 7 Here!

Leisure Suit Larry 7

Leisure Suit Larry 7Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love for Sail! was released in 1996 by SIERRA ONLINE.

Once again, Larry Laffer finds that true love seems to last about as long as he does in bed. Shamara, who Larry Laffer seduced and loved so tenderly at the end of Leisure Suit Larry VI now has Larry Laffer tied to the bed (it seems to be going well, doesn’t it?) – only things go wrong, as she takes all of his money and tosses his wallet aside, leaving him tied to the bed. In an effort to free himself, Larry manages to catch the room on fire and is forced to escape the burning inferno with what few possessions he is able to grab and save!

Again, dejected by true love, and having nowhere to go and nothing to his name (since it all burned down), Larry manages to locate a cruise ticket, where he goes on the ship to try and win several contests so that he might win an extra week on the ship in Captain Thygh’s cabin! Along the way, Larry will met – and with any luck! – seduce some very beautiful women!

The Ladies of Leisure Suit Larry 7
Walk Thrus
Liar’s Dice
Easter Eggs
Teleport LSL7
Tips & Tricks

Leisure Suit Larry 6

Leisure Suit Larry 6Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out! was released in 1993 by SIERRA ONLINE.

The game starts with Larry Laffer being single, yet again. As a matter of fact, Passionate Patti has been retconned out of the series (as if she had never been!). This game tends to go back to the feeling of Lounge Lizards and Looking for Love – as Larry is once again, completely single, trying to hit on, and score on every woman he comes across – all at a refined health spa called La Costa Lotta (It Cost A Lotta Money!) that he has won from – much like Looking For Love – a television show called Stallions.

In Shape Up or Slip Out, Larry Laffer meets a wide variety of woman, all of whom, all want a wide variety of things. If Larry plays his cards right, he will get up to the penthouse (say, kind of like Lounge Lizards) where he will meet the love of his life (again?!).

The Ladies of Leisure Suit Larry 6
Walk Thrus

Leisure Suit Larry 5

Leisure Suit Larry 5Leisure Suit Larry V: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work was released in 1991 by SIERRA ENTERTAINMENT.

You may be asking yourself, “Wait, wouldn’t this technically be Leisure Suit Larry IV?” And Al Lowe would tell you, “No, it’s Leisure Suit Larry V just like the box cover art says!” So what happened to Leisure Suit Larry IV?

The ending of Leisure Suit Larry III broke the “Fourth Wall” by showing Larry Laffer and Passionate Patti coming to the Sierra studios and making games based on their adventures, living happily in a mountain cabin in Coarsegold. Al Lowe never planned a 4th game to the series, and was being asked to continue the series; only he was at a dead end because he couldn’t find a way to start it since the scenario had completed a story arc.

Swearing that there would be no Leisure Suit Larry IV, Al Lowe began developing Leisure Suit Larry V – and to do so, he claimed “the disks were missing” and that Julius Biggs (the owner of America’s Sexiest Home Videos) had stolen the ‘missing floppies’ of the game and caused Larry Laffer to become amnesiac. And thus, Leisure Suit Larry V assumes that time has passed, and in that span, Larry Laffer is now in the adult film industry, working for a Mafia-connected company known as PornProdCorp. His job? To find models for America’s Sexiest Home Videos.

Meanwhile, Patti is recruited by the FBI to dig up incriminating evidence on two record companies which are suspected of hiding subliminal messages in their songs. At the same time, PornProdCorp schemes to eliminate the competition in their industry by donating money to CANE (Conservatives Against Nearly Everything).

And that is why there is no Leisure Suit Larry IV and that is how Leisure Suit Larry V begins!

Manual/Copy Protection
The Ladies of Leisure Suit Larry 5
Walk Thrus