Castaway – not the Tom Hanks one!

He’s back – again! Some of you may have known and remembered the struggles of the beloved Johnny Castaway – a beloved screen saver by the folks of Sierra – in which, our stranded hero – Johnny Castaway is marooned on an island – and has an assortment of adventures, trying to get off them – and encounters a wild assortment of wild life and people while stranded… The screen saver was even “time sensitive” that it recognized (based on your computer’s date/time) what holidays might be approaching, and made use of it! Well, a 32bit version for Windows XP was eventually made by fans (remember Windows XP?) – well, someone, through DosBox has figured out how to make it work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – whether it’s 32 or 64bit! As a matter of fact, because it uses DOSBOX, it should ideally work on any Windows operating system going forward! I want to thank the folks at Screen Saver Planet for sharing this! I have included all the steps (and files) on the site here as well – so go check out the Johnny Castaway page!