LSL Coming Again!

Good day to you all, Larry backers! It’s Labor Day here in the States, and you know what THAT means: millions of children are quietly and studiously mulling the countless contributions that the working class has made to the strength and structure of the nation. Right?

At this point, all of the emails have gone out to those of you who’ve pledged $40 or more. In fact, if you didn’t respond to the first email, we sent out a second. If you pledged at $40 or more, but you haven’t gotten an email from us, please check your Spam box to make sure it didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

This is especially time-sensitive for those of you who’ll be getting your images worked into the game; the artists are working on those right now. So if you’re one of those, please look carefully for our email and, if you don’t find it, write to us at We’ll be sending out a new round of emails for those who pledged up to $39 very shortly.

We’ve also had a question about the t-shirts, and we’ve decided that we’ll be offering the “female cut”-style T in addition to the standard style. We’re also talking about creating a general-release Larry t-shirt, which we would make available for sale. It may have the same front as the existing design, but a different back, so that our Kickstarter supporters will still have an exclusive that nobody else will be able to get.

No definite choice has been made yet as regards music. Al is still going through the process of finding a composer/arranger who’s right for the project. (Al and I agree that Chris Brayman set the bar VERY high in the VGA version of LSL1.)

For voiceover, we’re currently planning to use Jan Rabson for Larry and Neil Ross as the Narrator. One name we talked about was Chris Parnell, whose narration in the PBS series “WordGirl” is sort of like Gary Owens with a healthy dose of snark added. But Neil is both a fan favorite and Al’s strong preference. So maybe we can use Chris for something in the future. (BTW, since we’ve been playing the “Who would play Larry in a live-action movie or TV show” game for almost 25 years now, I think Will Arnett would be a great choice…but twenty years ago, I envisioned Jon Lovitz in the role.)

N-Fusion’s artwork is coming in almost as fast as Al and I can approve it, with model sheets, rough backgrounds, and rough animations (key frames only, no “tweening” yet) being submitted on a daily basis. We’re probably going to start releasing this artwork a little more generously than we have been, and that’ll happen primarily through Dennis on the Replay Forums. If there are days when we do a particularly large drop of artwork, I’ll send out a KS update notice about it.

Today, for your entertainment pleasure, we’re releasing the completely-approved final model sheet for Larry. The only thing you won’t see on this sheet is the bald spot; that was worked out after the fact and hasn’t been incorporated into this particular image.

You may notice several things about him compared to some previous versions. He looks a bit younger and his paunch is reduced (both in keeping with our plans for the character). His hair is different in a couple of regards (length and degree of hair loss), his leisure suit now has obvious lapels. His eyelids figure into a greater number of his expressions.

That about wraps it up for today. Remember, if you pledged $40 or more, be sure to find and respond to our emails…or contact if you haven’t.

Your penpal,