Al Lowe to Open the Festival of Games!

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Al Lowe is perhaps one of the most well-known game designers in the games industry.

During the Festival of Games on April 28-29, 2011 he will present the opening keynote and will share all ups and downs from his 16 year career at Sierra Entertainment.

With the Leisure Suit Larry series, first published in 1987, he is in the same league as the creator of the game Pong, Ralph Bear, and the creator of Pacman, Toru Iwatani who were both opening keynotes at previous editions.

But unlike his peers, his games were not about skills with a game controller, but fun adventure puzzles to solve.

The Festival of Games is Europe’s most effective business event for everyone who wants to make profit with digital games.

It consists of a Conference, the Expo, the largest European Career Fair in gaming and the match-making event Pitch & Match.