So I found a map…

There was a time, long ago… I once had glorious hair.

Then I met a woman and she cut it all off.

Remember her?

Well, turns out I found an interesting map there…

Interesting map!

I used the map to disguise myself and get a kiss from the mysterious woman!


Actually, the map was made by Fabio Marques who had posted it on Facebook –

The map I drew when I was 15 yeas old to play King’s Quest IV. Back then I used to have IBM 10Mhz PC XT, it was very slow to play KQ4, so planning in advance using this map helped me a lot.

I thought it was a great map of King’s Quest IV and just had to share it somehow. So I had some fun with the KQ4 screenshot.

SpaceVenture Update #123: Two Guys SpaceVenture – by the creators of Space Quest

Hey everyone! It’s been a long hard road to get to this point. This past month and especially these last few days have been a real pant load of fun activities in getting this stuff rolling. So as we start this process, we wanted to use this update to provide some general details on how the Beta testing process will work.

    • Beta testing will be available to $30 and up backers as that was one of the rewards for backing at that level and higher
    • VERY IMPORTANT: If you are hoping to play SpaceVenture in the state it is meant to be played in, that will be spoiler and bug free, you may not want to take part in this process. Regardless, you are welcomed to download the Beta version anytime you want if you are a qualified backer.
    • We are currently only Beta testing the Windows version of the game, but we will release the others when we are ready.
    • You will receive an email that will have information on getting access to the Beta test of SpaceVenture.
    • The email will provide information on how the Beta testing process works and how you will communicate with the developers and report bugs
    • We ABSOLUTELY will not be monitoring Kickstarter messages for bugs and Beta testing issues, so you MUST use the beta testing method we provide if you want to be heard during this process.
    • The Beta test will be released as a .zip file that can be extracted to your Windows based operating system in order to test.
    • We will be updating the game after fixing bugs and will release another .zip file with the next revision.You will be able to simply delete the existing version of the Beta and extract the new one in order to start the process of testing over again.
    • Please be on the lookout for the email and also be patient as we are sending them in batches. If you haven’t received download information within 48 hours please private message us here on Kickstarter.

    We are really excited about finally getting the game in your hands to test and we hope you all know how hard we’ve worked to get to this point.Here is a quick glimpse of the beginning of SpaceVenture in Beta testing mode: