SpaceVenture Prototype…

You can check it out here.

The Two Guys from Andromeda also shared:

Prototype 1 will soon be available on more than just Chrome.

We plan for all future prototypes to be playable in more than just Chrome upon release.

Please listen to the audio before Prototype 1 as well as after. These are the audio clips with Scott and Mark 🙂

HTML5 is used for the prototypes. As for the game, we are seeking all options. Best not to jump to conclusions.. that can lead to fear, fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. And that my friends is the path to the dark s… Oh wait, uh, nevermind.

Have you guys met with xyz company(s) about getting the Space Quest IP you ask? Yes

Are you going to create an FAQ for the Kickstarter? Yes, soon!

Are you going to make a $1015 with digital download like you did the $115 tier? Yes, soon!

Does the soundtrack come with the $100 tiers? Yes it sure does 🙂

Are you going to put up a Paypal payment option eventually? Yes, once we reach the $500k level. PayPal doesn’t count towards our kickstarter goal so we have to do it that way.

Will there be more videos from you guys? Yes, you’re gonna love the next!

What about audio updates? Chris Pope will be giving you updates on almost a daily bases using audio clips, along with some frequent updates from the Two Guys 🙂

Will you be offering the game in languages other than English? We’ll need to get passed the 500k mark, but that is 100% something we are shooting to do.

Do you really love us fans? Yes, how could you doubt us?

Thanks so much everyone! And remember, to spread the word, mention