SpaceVenture Tier Update!

Almost two thousand of you guys filled out our survey and gave feedback. The top things requested included adding a $45 tier with something collectible, and to receive the limited edition T-Shirt at lower tiers. Order up! 🙂

$45 – Newly Added Tier:
“COLLECTORS EDITION AUTOGRAPHED 8×10 + INVOLVED EASTER EGG IN GAME: An 8×10 art print signed by Scott and Mark along with the entire development team. This item will be available as a Kickstarter ONLY reward item, never to be reproduced! All higher PHYSICAL reward tiers will also receive this new item! The artwork will also involve a special in game Easter egg dedicated to the $45 and up backers! This tier also includes all previous rewards. The 8×10 print will be mailed to you. International backers please add $5 shipping and handling.”

$75 – Newly Added Tier
TWO GUYS SPACEVENTURE “BACKER ONLY” T-SHIRT. This tier includes all previous rewards including the new 8×10 reward. This also means the $100 PHYSICAL and above tiers receive the T-shirt as well. International backers please include $15 shipping and handling.