Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Update #65

Hi ya, Kickstarters! Al Lowe here. It looks like we are EXTREMELY close to the finish line!

And it appears that Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded will be the first Kickstarted game to ship!

N-Fusion hasn’t wasted the last few weeks; they’ve made improvements to the game everywhere. I can’t wait for you to see it. While I’m proud we did the right thing and waited to ship until all the bugs were exterminated, we did much, much more: hundreds of new sound effects, redesigned menus with new artwork, user interface improvements, and even additional voiceovers. This truly is the best Larry game we can bring you.

And our mutual wait is almost over!

E3 Action

Paul Trowe and I spent last week at E3 in Los Angeles and had a blast. We had loads of interviews with the foreign press. (U.S. press coverage was handled earlier, at GDC.) Even though Replay didn’t have a booth (a nice one would only cost all the money we raised on Kickstarter!), Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded was on display in several other booths. Reports were universally positive, as was the response from the press who’ve seen it. So far, so good.

E3 week began with a bang: on Monday night, Paul and I joined Austin Wintory and Melora Hardin at Typhoon (a Santa Monica restaurant and jazz spot) for gig by the Late Night Jazz Orchestra. Wow, what a band! I knew they were good players after watching them record our soundtrack and this night cemented that reputation.

But the highlight for us Larryites came in their second set when they played several of the cuts from the Larry OST. Melora sang her song from the game while Austin accompanied. She looked as good as she sounds!

I just happened to have a saxophone mouthpiece in my pocket (heh, heh) so I borrowed a sax and played the Leisure Suit Larry Theme Song with them. They even gave me an opening cadenza. It was a musical highlight that I won’t soon forget!

If your Kickstarter reward level includes a download of the original soundtrack and you haven’t grabbed it yet, what are you waiting for?

Press Previews

We’ve received scores of previews from gaming sites since the beta was released and they’ve been nearly unanimous in their praise. We’re (almost) blushing! Here’s one from yesterday on Destructoid.

I’m hoping the actual reviews will be as sweet.
Another Game to Kickstart

Josh sends along news of another adventure game with a Kickstarter campaign: The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown. It’s an homage to the Sierra and Lucasarts games we love and they need your help. Josh says,

“I’m incredibly impressed by their art style, by the fascinating political theme of the story, by their extremely well thought-out plan for the series, and by the team of individuals who are working on the game. PLEASE go over to their Kickstarter site and show your support for the game and, if you can’t see your way through to supporting it monetarily, just helping spread the word would, I’m sure, be of inestimable benefit to their project.”

Well said, Josh!


Once the game goes live, you’ll want to download it but remember: you have to register first. Watch for another update from Britton with instructions on what to do, how, and when.

Of course, game discs take time to be pressed and assembled, and some of the physical rewards need to be autographed, so those won’t ship for a few more weeks. (What? Game discs don’t burn themselves?) So please have patience. We promise: we’re working as fast as we can to speed your items to you!

It’s been a fun year for me and I mean this sincerely: we literally could not have done it without you! Thank you so much for your faith in us (and Larry).

As Larry would say, “It won’t be long now!”