Space Venture Update #74

Okay, so the demo is still not quite ready. We do want some polish to it since we will be showing it off to you fine folks and to the press at San Diego Comicon this year, hope everyone understands the logic there.

To tide you over, I wanted to share some of the facts about this small piece of the game you’ll get to experience in the demo:

  • There will be 7 beautifully created scenes by Mark Crowe.
  • Every scene contains hilarious dialogue written by Scott Murphy.
  • You’ll get to control the man, the legend, Ace Hardway himself as well as his lovable robotic K-9 sidekick Rooter!
  • Space Quest fans might notice a few fun easter eggs thrown in as well.
  • There are 8 different tasks(puzzles) you’ll have to accomplish in order to beat the demo, some more difficult than others.
  • At the moment there are 4 possible funny ways to die. There might be a couple of more added soon as well. We have a very creative and tactful way to accomplish this that we think you’ll love, whether you like the Sierra method or LucasArts method of Adventure Games.
  • The demo is laced with some epic music and SFX created/produced by Ken Allen
  • As far as voice over goes, we have 3 different characters being voiced in the demo.
  • And a nice little ending to the demo that will leave you wanting more!

As far as the demo goes, we mostly have some more programming to wrap up and a little more polish left. I can’t make any promises, but cross your finger for a release coming your way soon!


This is gonna be happening in one of the upcoming updates as well, be on the look out!
GOG CREDITS ($50 and above backers only)

Emails have already been sent out. PLEASE NOTE: The email was in regards to filling out a form. The form allowed you to make a choice involving your GoG credits. If you didn’t receive that email, please check your spam folder first, if it’s not there, then message us here on Kickstarter so we can verify you are at the $50 or above level. Please do not message in the comments of Kickstarter. It is best to message us directly on Kickstarter so we can verify your backer level. If you have already contacted us about this, please be patient and we’ll get back to you soon.

Most of you who have filled out the form have received your credits, however If you have already filled out the form and are still waiting, please continue to be patient, it’s on the way!

When will our rewards be shipped?
Answer: As soon as the game is complete, we’ll be shipping rewards out.
My address has changed and I need to update it with you guys. How do I do that?
Answer: Don’t worry about giving us your updated address right now. When we get ready to ship the items, we are gonna request you all to give us your updated address so we will all be in sync. No point in getting that as of now, because some of you may move between now and then.
Which conventions will you guys be at?

Answer: The Two guys Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and the SpacePope Chris Pope will all three be at SDCC 2013(San Diego) and possibly GMX 2013(Nashville). We were all hoping to be at PAX Seattle as well, but that may not happen.

You guys sure have been going to a lot of conventions. Shouldn’t you be making a game?

Answer: Actually Chris Pope is the one that has been going to conventions, and that has been on his own dime, not the company’s. Mark and Scott have only been to one convention so far and that was GMX 2012. GMX paid for the entire thing.

Do you love us backers?

Answer: We love you more than Orats love chasing Sarien Spider Droids! We love you more than Labion Terror Beasts love Cubix Rubes! We love you more than Fester Blatz loves ear wax! We love you more than Sequel Police love dressing in black! We love you more than… oh you get the picture!