Project Update #64: LSL Reloaded: Austin Wintory Speaks! – 06/03/2013

When Al, Josh and Paul first called me about scoring LSL I was rather speechless, and truthfully I still am. The Sierra adventure games were a huge part of my life back in the day, and so this gave me the chance to explore something real personally meaningful. And on top of that was the chance to work with an amazing big band: the Late Night Jazz Orchestra. Wait until to you hear these guys! Actually, don’t wait. Watch this:

It goes without saying that I *love* Al’s original Larry theme, and so I clung to it rather fiercely throughout the score. Even though this is a fundamentally new Larry, in terms of the music, hopefully it feels like one big tip of the hat. But that said, one of the first questions I asked Al was if he had any sort of agenda to recapture the previous scores, to which he confidently said “No, in fact I’d be disappointed if you did anything other than what YOU want to do.” So what you hear is equal parts silly, grimy, and rather naively romantic. That last aspect in particular was of fun … I became sort of obsessed with trying to make Larry feel almost like this idealistic romantic guy, and not some sleazeball, so hopefully you’ll feel a genuine, earnest romance in the music too (which of course ends up being rather hilarious when you pair that with some of the dialogue these guys wrote).

To cap it all off, Josh and I collaborated on an original song called “Tiers of Joy,” which was sung by the amazing, incredible Melora Hardin (who you probably didn’t realize was a singer; she played Jan Levinson on NBC’s “The Office!”). She even sang it live with the band, not as an overdub the way it’s normally done these days. I’ll be posting a video of that soon too.

All told I couldn’t be more excited about this game and soundtrack. Coming off of experiences like JOURNEY and MONACO, this was the most wonderful opportunity to try something totally new. I hope you enjoy the music and the performances by these absolutely stellar musicians. And I am so grateful to Al, Replay and N-Fusion for the wonderful partnership, and above all to YOU the backers for making all of this possible.

The OST (Original Soundtrack) will be coming to Kickstarter backers relative to their giving level, and for everyone else you can check it out here:

Ok, go pour a glass of wine or mix up a martini, kick back and open up your ears … 😉 –

Austin Wintory