Space Venture Project Update #95: May 1st Update: Sound design for the Nostrodomus explosion

Hey everyone! We are super excited about all the positive feedback involving the last update, which featured Nurb’s Landing. I’m really hoping to show you some more epic scenes like that in the near future.

Before I get into the goings on I wanted to say this. Just so everyone knows, we are working on a delivery date. We are not ready to give one yet. Please continue to be patient. Many people have made it VERY clear in our comments that they want to know when the game will be released. Don’t think for a second we aren’t aware of that.

Please just stay tuned. We know some of you are frustrated. We are working as hard and fast as we can, but are also pushing for a very high quality product that we know you’re gonna love. On the flip side, we are very focused and will NOT let anyone or anything cause us to put out a half baked product. The dates we are considering for release may not be as far out as some of you think. As you can imagine, we have one shot to make an amazing game. SpaceVenture will set the bar on quality for future games we try to release, and we aim to make it great and to leave you all wanting more!

The last couple of weeks we have made progress on some pretty cool things. A major push on Ace animations have been made as of late and we can now animate Ace doing everything from climbing walls and tip toeing around corners to dancing gangnam style if we want! We’ve also made major progress on some tricky puzzle work in the game. The Saving/Loading system for SpaceVenture has also gotten some love and it’s coming together nicely.

Ken Allen, composer from Space Quest 4 along with many other Sierra titles, not to mention our sound engineer and music composer for SpaceVenture has put together some really cool stuff for me to share with you on this update!

Remember this explosion scene we showed you awhile back? spent some of his own personal time putting together a video of himself walking everyone through how he went about doing the sound design for that scene. This video is very informative and gives you a look into how he goes about picking the right sounds for the different scenes in the game.

We hope you enjoy his little tutorial! 🙂 for all of your support everyone!

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope