Hero-U Project Update #43: Hat and T-Shirt designs

In the last update, I gave backers at the $250 tier the choice to get a baseball cap or a t-shirt.  So naturally the question arose, “What do they look like?”  Here are the designs we are supplying to the good folks at TeeLaunch.  They will be printing the t-shirts, embroidering the caps, and shipping those along with the meep toys.

Fulfillment by TeeLaunch - https://teelaunch.com/Fulfillment by TeeLaunch – https://teelaunch.com/

If you backed at the $250 tier, you have a choice – t-shirt or baseball cap. If you haven’t already sent your choice to support@hero-u.net, please do so immediately. (Default for not emailing is the baseball cap, since that’s what I originally listed as the reward.) Backers at the $500 level and up get both items.

Fits You to a Tee

Rogue to Redemption T-Shirt DesignRogue to Redemption T-Shirt Design

Much thanks for the design to artist Scott Flanders (http://scottflandersart.blogspot.com/) – apparently not the same Scott Flanders as the current Playboy Enterprises CEO, but you never know… 🙂  Lori added the red shading to help with contrast and mood; this will be on a black t-shirt.

Put a Cap On It

Hero-U "Baseball" Cap DesignHero-U “Baseball” Cap Design

This is Lori’s design for the baseball cap.  It will be a flex-fit “one size fits most” red camp with gold and black embroidery in the front.  The actual shade of red, font, and aspect ratio may change based on feedback from TeeLaunch.

Shout It Out Loud

I’d like to make a shout-out to our very helpful backer Serena Nelson.  She has been very active on our forums (http://www.hero-u.net/forum/) and on many other Kickstarter adventure game projects.  Someone at another adventure game project has recently failed to recognize her worth, so I wouldn’t to make sure that we support her as she has supported us.

Serena runs a very useful blog about Kickstarter adventure game projects at http://www.kickstartadventure.com/home/.  She goes into much more detail on current adventure game projects than I can fit here, so please check out the projects she recommends.

I mentioned The Ballads of Reemus 2 (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1311956304/the-ballads-of-reemus-2-2d-point-and-click-adventu) a couple of posts ago, but in case you missed it… The project now has 5 days to go and still needs about $5,500 in backing to meet its goal.  I’d hate to see it get this close and not make it.