Hero-U Project Update #42: Game Play Teaser Trailer

Last Call for Meep and T-Shirt Info

Reminder to all backers at the $125 level or higher (except for the $175 all-digital tier) and to backers who added on to your pledge to get a meep toy or a t-shirt:  We need your mailing address and t-shirt size by this Monday, Oct. 14.  On the 15th, I will send a final mailing list to TeeLaunch so that they can print t-shirts and begin mailing meep and t-shirt packages to backers.  Available t-shirt sizes are S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), XL (Extra-Large), XXL, and XXXL.  If we do not have your size, we will send you a Large t-shirt.

In the campaign, I promised “Team Meep” baseball caps to backers at the $250 level and up, and t-shirts (as well as caps) to $500 and up.  Just to make life difficult for Chris, if you backed at the $250 level and would prefer a t-shirt to a cap, please send your t-shirt size to support@hero-u.net.  Yes, it’s short notice, but you only need to send a short email. 🙂  The t-shirts are really cool, so I would like more backers to have them.  By the way, I made the executive decision to make the add-on t-shirts and the “superfan” t-shirts identical; several high-tier backers stated they did not want “backer” text on their shirts.

The First Game Play Teaser Trailer

I can at last share the “teaser” video with you.  At this point, it is for backers only; I will release it to the public on the hero-u.net web site and YouTube next week.  I’m calling this the “alpha” teaser trailer, as it has a few aspects we’re still improving.  I used Fraps to record myself playing the actual demo, so this is a capture of real game play.

http://youtu.be/DRKycVbHce4I will make the playable demo available to backers soon.  We also have some exciting news about partnerships coming soon.  Lori, I, and the team are working hard to make Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption an excellent adventure/role-playing game.