Pinkerton Road Project Update #49: Some News.

– The MGX announcement is coming very soon. We have approval from the publisher on a press release and screenshots and are just working on finishing up the website, a first interview, etc. We’re aiming for around the week of Oct 8th! A certain blue bird will have the first peep so if you’re on twitter follow jensen_jane. I’ll send out a special message to the CSG that day also.

– The Moebius ch 3 & 4 beta — I wanted to get it out in Sept but we’ve been busy trying to get the last of the Moebius VO sessions done (we go into the studio on Monday) and also get through our first full pass on content (a rough logic pass of ch7 is almost done). There are a few things that came up last beta that I wanted to improve — like the in game analysis — and have you guys test. So my new goal is to have that beta out by mid Oct.

Have a great start to my favorite month — October.