Precinct Project Update #2: Our Second Update

Hello everybody,
First off, thanks again for supporting Jim and the team! We’ve had a lot of excitement over the past couple of days and are working really hard to incorporate everyone’s feedback. We’re really listening to you guys, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your enthusiasm for the project.

DRM Free
So, our first big announcement is that Precinct will be DRM free! All backers who are eligible for the game will receive a DRM free version when it’s available. Our community has been very passionate about this issue, so we’re happy to give everyone the option.

$19 Limited Edition Pre-Order Version
To all of our fans who have been requesting a lower-cost pre-order version, we are happy to announce a new $19 digital copy tier! We’ve made a limited quantity of 2,500 available so we hope you will tell your friends and family that they should jump in and back the Precinct project! Of course this version will be DRM free as well.

Daily Video
Today’s daily video is now available. Jim and Robert talk about what crunch time was like at Sierra. Plus, this video was the first conversation to take place in front of the old Sierra building!

We hope you enjoy these daily videos, and share them with all your friends!

That’s it for now. Thanks for everything. Please help keep the momentum on Precinct going!