Larry Laffer Reloaded Update #69 (YEAH BABY!) – Apples and Androids!


Great News

It’s official! Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is now for sale in the iOS App store and Mac store. Finally! We submitted the game on June 27th, but heard almost nothing until yesterday, when it went live. Sales have been healthy so far and the game has a 4-star rating! Remember: if you like the game, be sure to rate it – everywhere! The more positive reviews we have, the more we’ll interest others in buying a copy and that’s the only way we’re going to get to make Leisure Suit Larry 2.

Some Bad News

Something happened with our upload to the Android store and the version that’s there now is bad. N-Fusion is working on the problem and thinks it’s a simple fix but we won’t know until we can find and fix the problem. So if you’re looking for an Android version, please bear with us a little longer. It won’t be long now. (Hey. That’s what Larry said!)