Precinct Update #1: Our first update!

Hello everybody!

Well, it’s day two of our campaign and the support has been amazing! We’ve had so much great feedback and are super excited to be working with everybody.

We have a couple of new announcements to share:

New reward
We’ve heard a lot of feedback about the $30 reward tier, and it’s clear that the fans are looking for more. So we’re excited to introduce a new $29 reward tier with additional rewards that will automatically become available to all of our $30 backers.

As a $29 backer you will receive a digital copy of Precinct with exclusive “VIP Backer Status”. As a VIP Backer, you will be sent a unique passkey which grants you access to all “VIP Backer Only” areas of (the website will launch after the Kickstarter). VIP Backers will also receive exclusive content in the final release of Precinct.
“VIP Backer Only” Website Areas Include:
– Sneak peeks of the game (screenshots and video clips)
– Private VIP Backer Message Board
– Exclusive webcasts and chats with Jim and his team during development
– Help develop Precinct by voting on critical design and production decisions

Exclusive Bonus Content Includes:
– Vintage Police Cruiser
– Additional Weapons
– Police Computer Upgrade
– Special Undercover Mission

This tier is meant to replace the $30 tier, and all $30 tier backers (and above) will receive everything in this $29 tier.

We are listening to backers and will continue to evaluate the tiers/rewards. Thanks again for all the feedback!
Daily Videos
Another exciting thing that’s happening is starting today, you can check out our daily videos. These are short videos of Jim (and sometimes me) talking about all things Precinct and Sierra-related.

The first video (released today) is: “Why Kickstarter?”

Here’s the URL for the video:

We hope you enjoy these daily videos, and share them with all your friends!

That’s it for now. Thanks for everything.