SpaceVenture Project Update #76: July 16 Update: Is that a demo over there I see?

Wait no longer, we are releasing the demo to the public! You can download the demo by logging on to and clicking the rewards tab. Currently we are in the process of uploading the demo for download so please keep refreshing the page and eventually it will be there 😉

But consider the following before playing:

  • The demo is still in beta stage as we haven’t got all the bugs worked out just yet.
  • You must be a registered backer at to download and play the demo
  • Currently the demo has no Voice Over. That is still in the works.
  • Not every icon you see is usable yet as some of the icons are meant for the actual game and not the demo.
  • To Save/Load, don’t use the icons, Hold Shift + S to Save or Shift + L to Load