LSL Project Update #55: The Horror of the Biweekly Kickstarter Update – 03-18-13

Glorious Monday, Larryettes.

I hope many of you were able to join us for the final half-hour of last week”s recording session with Austin Wintory, Al Lowe, Melora Hardin (whose recording of the Torch Song was nothing short of spectacular) and the Late Night Jazz Orchestra. It was a one-of-a-kind experience.

Now onto our milestones.

  • All the text? DONE! (Well, the text for the little “How to Play” pseudo-tutorial may change, that”s still being finalized. But the narration and dialogue are complete as of last week!)
  • All of Austin Wintory”s amazing music? DONE AND RECORDED! (However, at Austin”s request, the *final* versions of the music will NOT be in the public Beta version; we”re holding it back ”til release, just so that even the Beta testers will have some terrific surprises.)
  • All the backgrounds? Almost done. Two left to go!
  • Voices? Recording this week! (And probably next.)
  • The Art book? DONE and at the printer! (This is truly magnificent.)
  • The Box? DONE and at the printer!
  • The Stripper Pens? DONE and in manufacture!
  • Kickstarter T-shirts? DONE!
  • Lubbers? Playing cards? Coasters? Casino chips? Breath spray? Shot glasses? All DONE and in the Replay offices!
  • Huge, beautiful lithographs? DONE and in the Replay offices!
  • The Beta? Still at least a couple of weeks off. We”re waiting ”til all the final animations are in, all the voices are in, and as many obvious bugs as possible have been squished. We want to make the Beta as clean as possible before we send it out; we don”t want to have to include a list of “Still to come” items.

Yes, we are being disgustingly productive. Eat our dust!

Stay tuned. We”ve got another update coming in a couple of days.


P.S. I want to mention to all the Sierra lovers in the crowd (and I assume that”s most of us, if not all) that there”s another Sierra-style Kickstarter in progress. This one is from Himalaya Studios. You may not have heard of Himalaya, but their core group were formerly known as AGD Interactive LLC, the people responsible for the commercial-quality fan remakes of King”s Quest I, King”s Quest II, King”s Quest III, and Quest for Glory II. They”ve only got a few days to go…show ”em the love! They”re at!