2013 Best Games!

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Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards

Publisher: Replay Games
Release: Q2 2013
The 25th anniversary remake of smutty point-and-click snigger-fest Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards achieved over $650,000 via its Kickstarter campaign. The return of Larry’s legendary creator Al Lowe is certainly encouraging after the series recent abysmal Lowe-less outings.



Publisher: Two Guys From Andromeda
Release: February
A new sci-fi comedy adventure game from the creators of the Space Quest series. It was successfully funded to the tune of ‘a lot of money’ thanks to the combined powers of nostalgia and Kickstarter.


Jane Jensen’s Moebius

Publisher: Pinkerton Road Studio
Release: March
Yet another Kickstarter appeal to point-and-click nostalgia, Moebius comes from “master storyteller” Jane Jensen, responsible for the Gabriel Knight games. Here, improbably-named antiques dealer Malachi Rector is hired by equally improbably-named billionaire Amble Dexter to investigate the death of a woman in Venice. Metaphysical thrills ensue.


Hero U: Rogue To Redemption

Publisher: Far Studio
Release: October
Wouldn’t you know it, it’s another successful Kickstarter campaign from the creators of a classic adventure series – this time Quest For Glory. A 2D point and click adventure game, unsurprisingly, with a snappy sense of humour.