Leisure Suit Larry KS Update #47

I had planned to keep this update short; we’ve had four updates in December already.

But then I remembered that I promised last time to go into some detail about my text process.

But then I thought that if it were me receiving these updates, I’d say, “C’mon, Hanukkah ended last week, yesterday was Festivus, Kwanzaa’s in a couple of days, tonight’s Christmas Eve. Just cut to the goodies, please.” So I’m throwing caution to the wind and cutting to the goodies!

Here are a half-dozen of Colin Merlo’s finished backgrounds for the game, complete and in all their high-res glory. You’ve seen them in the Greenlight video, but not like this! (Speaking of Greenlight, for those of you who upvoted Larry and Fester, THANK YOU! If you haven’t, we still need every vote we can get…instructions here).

The interior of Lefty’s! (Hi-res version)

Lefty’s Gorgeous Bathroom!  (High-res version)

The “Secret Room”! (High-res version)

The “Come ‘n’ Go”! (
High-res version)

The Alley to the right of Lefty’s! (High-res version)

Mugger Alley! (High-res version)

 Happy New Year, everyone! 

(Our High-res Holiday Card)

See you next quarter!