Hero-U Updates #26

What can we accomplish in just 20 hours?  The fast answer is, “a lot!”  We have 20 hours in which to bring in $33,000 in additional pledges.  We’ve already gained 700 new backers and twice that amount in the last few days.  5,400 backers – You’re fabulous!  We will do this.

Two Challenges

One of our backers issued a challenge – He suggested that each of you use the “Manage My Pledge” button to add just $8 to your pledge.  If we all did that, we would pass the project goal in minutes.

Of course many of you have already contributed as much as you can. I’ll not ask you to harm yourself by putting in more than you can afford. So I have a slightly different challenge:

More than half of our backers have chosen the $20 Freshman level that will get you a copy of the game. To all of you, why not “kick it up” to the Sophomore level?  For $15 more, you will get the game, a gorgeous digital art PDF with illustrations and information about the making of Hero-U, and a digital version of the game sound track.  Listen again to the project video and you’ll hear how good that will be!

Kicking It Forward

As a reminder, we support Brian Fargo’s Kicking It Forward movement.  This does NOT apply to Kickstarter pledges, but when we start actually selling Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption next year, we have committed to using 5% of the profits to support other future Kickstarter campaigns.

You can learn more about the Kicking It Forward movement at http://kickingitforward.org/. We believe this program meets the heroic ideal and are inspired about being part of it.


The toy meep reward (which we expect will be a plush toy) was added mid-project at the $125 level.  Everyone at a higher physical reward tier will also get a toy meep.

We added the “meep keychain” very late.  Since it is a small item, if you have selected any physical reward tier and want the meep keychain, don’t add any money for shipping – We will include it in your game box.

Similarly, if you are at a digital-only tier, but have ordered several physical add-ons, don’t count the keychain when calculating shipping.

Finally, if the only physical item you are getting is the keychain, just add $5 for shipping anywhere in the world. We will mail it First Class in a small padded envelope in this case.

Your Picture in the Virtual Yearbook

If you pledge at any level $175 or higher, your picture will be included in the digital yearbook as part of the reward.  (You may supply any appropriate image, and one of our artists will touch it up to match the style of the rest of the game.)

If you are pledging at a lower level, we’ve added a new add-on.  For $50, you can have your name, picture, and a short comment in the digital yearbook.  We have to charge this much because of the artist time.

The Add-On T-Shirt

We have a design for the add-on t-shirt.  This is a $30 physical add-on.  Please also calculate your shipping charge and add that amount to your pledge.  See the main page for more details.

Lori and I are looking forward to making an exciting, funny, and fun game for you that is also filled with a powerful story, great characters, and the perfect balance of adventure and role-playing gaming.  With just 20 hours left, let’s make this happen!  This game is for you just as much as it is for us.