Space Venture KS Update

Announcements involving the podcast right here atcha!

Previous shows including those from have been back dated and added to the feed. With the exception of the Ellen Mclain episode as we are still fixing some audio issues. Visit or iTunes to check those out now!
We’re still planning to put together higher quality copies of the video feeds for all of our Justin.TV episodes. Visit to check that out.
The podcasts are planned to be weekly, but we’ll also be trying to work around everyone’s schedule.

And finally..

Lori Cole and Corey Cole, the master minds behind the Quest For Glory series are coming on to talk with Chris Pope live within the next few days! Lori and Corey will be talking about their history with Sierra along with a little info on their upcoming Kickstarter plans! Watch the Guys From Andromeda Twitter feed for the exact date and time announcement. This post will also get updated once that is determined. The show is planned for early next week!