LSL KS Update

Good evening, LSL Backers…

I’m interrupting my biweekly update schedule to deliver some news that many of you have been anxiously awaiting: the arrival of N-Fusion staff on the Replay Forum!

Dennis Flath, the Technical Art Director on our project, has posted some bio information on himself and the rest of the team, given us some sample artwork, has dropped some other tidbits, and has committed to checking the Replay forums daily to answer quick questions (more comprehensive answers will have to wait for his bigger updates). Dennis already answered at least one or two interesting questions in the “Questions for N-Fusion” thread, in addition to the big info drop in the “Staff Introductions” thread.

This Wednesday, he’s aiming to post another art update. And we’re kicking around the idea of video updates, since Dennis has an HD camera and is handy with editing software. Yea or nay?

Please drop by and read his first major post here:

Talk to you in a few days.