Leisure Suit Larry 3

Leisure Suit Larry 3Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals was released in 1989 by SIERRA ENTERTAINMENT.

We find our hero, Larry Laffer on Nontoonyt Island – the island where he met the love of his life (again!) – none other than Kalalau, the daughter of the tribal leader of Nontoonyt Island. After having beat the evil mastermind, Dr. Nonookie, the tropical island is turned into a massive resort island. After what seems to be years of marital bliss, Larry’s life is about to drastically change when he discovers that Kalalau has left him – for another woman?! That’s right, as if Larry Laffer couldn’t get any lower, he manages to hit an all time low! Now officially separated and fired from his job, Larry Laffer must find a new way to survive on this tropical resort.

It’s here, he meets several other woman, who – with a little luck, and a lot of work – he just might be able to get them to sleep with him. But there’s a twist with Leisure Suit Larry III!

Larry Laffer and Passionate Patti spend the night together and after a round of passionate lovemaking, Larry believes (mistakenly, I might add) that he hears Patti mumble another man’s name in her sleep. Dejected, Larry abandons his new lover, eventually becoming lost in the uncharted jungle surrounding the resort area. It is here that you switch and gain control of Passionate Patti!

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