Hero-U Project Update #137

Lori is up in Oakland playing “grandma,” which leaves Corey alone on camera. Don’t worry, Lori’s voice will be with us through Discord.

So this will be the “Crazy Corey Cole Comedy Conference” stream. Ask me anything, and I’ll talk about my pre-Sierra career, Castle of Dr. Brain, and similar topics. We’ll also have our usual games and contests.

If you aren’t already on the Discord, please join us. We have lots of great fans and friends talking about everything from Hero-U and Quest for Glory to other games, exciting world and gaming news, to philosophy.

Here’s a link that will be good for the next week: https://discord.gg/eFN8vKdk

I should also mention our Patreon, where I share thoughts, information, and art old and new. With all of the Hero-U sales revenue and some of our savings going into making Summer Daze at Hero-U, Patreon is our main source of personal income. This is also my soapbox, so many of the posts are available without a subscription. https://www.patreon.com/coreyloricole to join us.