Hero-U: Ten Reasons For Running Another Kickstarter


Top Ten Reasons for Running Another Kickstarter

10) We’re running out of money (Sad but True)

9) It would be a shame to waste the cool art of the Master Wraith room

8) We really want to see the Temple of Gog-Sosloth in the Game

Gog Temple

7) Somebody has to pay the artists for their work!

6) The more money we get, the better the game

5) We want the scary parts to be even scarier

4) We’ve got an awesome new t-shirt design!

3) The castle needs more backer paintings

2) Wanted Posters (Everybody wants to be Wanted, after all)

Wanted Alexian

And the Number 1 reason:

We bet the ranch on this Project. (Do you want to be responsible for thousands of homeless flying Aardvarks?)