SpaceVenture Project Update #80: September 16 Update

Hello wonderful lady and gentle-backer folks! As always the team is still plugging away with SpaceVenture. A lot of time these past couple of weeks have been spent in dealing with artwork, so Mark has been crazy busy working with his graphics team.

An executive decision was made this week to use more 3D character models versus 2D character models in the game. We feel this direction is the best solution due to issues in having the characters interacting with each other. Originally the plan was to have some 3D characters and some 2D characters, but after having so many issues in having them work together in cut scenes, the decision became clear that going the direction of 3D on all character interaction was the best way to go.

Almost all scene artwork and objects will still continue to be 2D in order to keep costs at a minimum!

In closing, Mark has allowed me to share a scene with you. So here ya go!

With love,

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

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