Precinct Closed.

The news came sadly, that the attempt to make Precinct the game, has closed down for now. You can read about it here, or read below:


Hello Friends,

 Each member of our team has done their very best to make Precinct a reality. We put every effort into making a crowdfunding campaign work but we have decided to end the Precinct campaign effective today. Your generous support not only made Precinct a possibility, it also gave us the fire to try and make this work when the going got hard. Thank you.

 Our Kickstarter campaign began on July 16th.  We had an amazing PR team that worked hard to get the word out to several great outlets — Kotaku, Destructoid, Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, and the list goes on.  Even with all the great press coverage, and a strong first day of funding, at the end of the first week we realized it was nearly impossible to make our total funding goal on Kickstarter.

 We then had a few choices. We could simply give up and shut the campaign down. We could let it keep going as-is and hope for a miracle. We could roll up our sleeves and fight to save the project. Needless to say, we chose to fight. We didn’t want to look back and say we didn’t do everything we could. So, we looked at what was working and what wasn’t working on Kickstarter, then designed, built, and deployed our own crowdfunding solution in just two weeks.

 To solve many of the issues with our Kickstarter campaign, our new approach was a staged funding model, based on how traditional video game investment is done.  Rather than getting all of the money up front, our approach was to install safeguards to validate Precinct’s quality and potential as the product development cycle progressed. This approach would allow us to create a playable prototype quickly and also work closely with the backers at every stage of development. On Kickstarter, the overwhelming majority of backers simply pledged at the level to get a copy of the game. By moving the rewards into an online store for individual purchase, we were able to significantly lower our funding needs and allocate more money to actual game development. Using our own crowdfunding system we could stretch backer dollars even further by not having to give 5% to Kickstarter and 5% to the Amazon payments platform.

 We’re fighters and fought our best. Unfortunately, our best wasn’t good enough to overcome the challenges with crowdfunding Precinct. Our new approach attracted some terrific supporters and we are grateful. However, we simply don’t have the momentum needed to meet the requirements of this project.

 Depending on the situation, we may decide to try again someday.  The backing community are wonderfully supportive of Jim Walls making a new game. Likewise, our team remains passionate about Precinct and are hopeful there is a way to make Precinct a reality in the future.