SpaceVenture Project Update #78: August 16th Update: New narrative system and event driven system

Hey guys! Kind of a short update today because the team is still working on most of the same things they were working on in the last update.

  • We have a new narrative editor that was completed last week which is being used to make things way easier when getting the text in the game.
  • Mark and the rest of the art team are hard at work in getting scenes completed for the full game. Trust me when I say, things are really looking amazing and lives up to the standards that he has set for himself in the past. I’ll be posting something for you on this soon!
  • The development team have been hard at work rewriting some of the code for our event driven system that we are using in Unity(our game engine) to make life easier behind the scenes of the game.
  • We are still planning to put out a more polished version of the demo¬†as soon as the underlying code is where it needs to be.

Thanks everyone!Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope

P.S –

If you haven’t already heard, Police Quest creator Jim Walls along with his partner fellow Sierra alum Robert Lindsley decided to end their Kickstarter and run their own funding model. Please help support them by visiting¬†