Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Update #61

Good day, Larryettes.

I’m making this very short since I just updated you a few days ago.

The PC version of what we’re calling the “Kickstarter Beta” is being built as we speak. After that version’s built, the Mac version will follow later this evening. Both versions will be uploaded to Steam immediately.

Don’t worry. There will still be a DRM-free version of the finished game available. The Steam requirement is for the beta only; we need to do what we can to keep the game from being pirated before it’s even out.

Items uploaded to Steam take a number of hours to become available, so it will be tomorrow before you’ll be able to download your beta version. (Remember, only people who pledged at the $75 level or higher have access to pre-release versions of the game.)

We’re also preparing a list of instructions and known issues. Definitely read ‘em over; this’ll save you both time and frustration down the line.

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen. By this time tomorrow, the game should be on your hot little hard drive.

All my love,