SpaceVenture Update #72

Twas one year ago today down to the minute!

Hello everyone! As mentioned in the title of this update, it was one year ago down to the minute that the SpaceVenture Kickstarter went live. Well it would have been, but I kid you not, Kickstarter went down right as I was posting this. Were you guys all just so excited that you kept spamming the page and caused the server to crash?

Wow it’s already been a year..I cannot stress the stress that followed the following 35 days!(say that three times fast) But we made it, and that was all because of you fine folks here on Kickstarter. We are all so thankful and so blessed that you all tossed your hard earned buckazoids our way.

One thing up front I am excited to tell you about is that we are going to start doing a minimum of two updates a month starting on June the 1st. You can expect an update on the 1st and 16th of each month. Our epically masterful “Two Guys” are insanely protective about spoiling some little twists and turns they have planned in SpaceVenture, but I am going to at least be able to divulge project status and some fun tidbits along the way!


You will be happy to know that the project itself, though we ran into a slow snag on some engine issues we had, is coming along very well now. We actually hired another Unity developer to help speed everything up. His name is Vander and he is a bit of a Unity guru. Amongst video game creation, his resume includes writing plugins for the actual Unity store. He now works alongside our senior developer, Tyler.

We still aren’t ready to share a ship date yet. I know you guys are all chomping at the bits to know when you’ll get your hands on the game. The game is still on par with being done within the next few months, and for sure well before the end of the year. Please continue to be patient on that. Now that tax season is done, we are very clear on the budget for the rest of the project and things are rolling along!

Be on the lookout for a playable portion of SpaceVenture to come your way! Can’t wait for everyone to check it out!


Emails were sent out about GoG credits around 2 weeks ago. PLEASE NOTE: The email was in regards to filling out a form. The form allowed you to make a choice involving your GoG credits. If you didn’t receive that email, please check your spam folder first, if it’s not there, then email contact AT guysfromandromeda DOT com

For those of you that chose to receive SQ 4+5+6 as your GoG download, please read the following. Some of you have not received your credit because we had to order more. We are still waiting on them to send us the credits order. You will receive an email and get access to those as soon as we have them.


For those of you at a high enough reward level to receive access to chat with Scott and Mark will be happy to know that there will be another one schedule for the beginning of June. The update on June 1st will contain exact date and time 🙂

I’m also planning to do a live podcast with Mark and Scott soon. Anyone and everyone can be a part of it!


When will our rewards be shipped?
Answer: As soon as the game is complete, we’ll be shipping rewards out.

My address has changed and I need to update it with you guys. How do I do that?
Answer: Don’t worry about giving us your updated address right now. When we get ready to ship the items, we are gonna request you all to give us your updated address so we will all be in sync. No point in getting that as of now, because some of you may move between now and then.

Which conventions will you guys be at?
The Two guys Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and the SpacePope Chris Pope will all three be at SDCC 2013(San Diego) and possibly GMX 2013(Nashville). We were all hoping to be at PAX Seattle as well, but that may not happen. Chris Pope will be at Alabama Phoenix Festival(Birmingham) and Ancient City Comicon(Jacksonville) as well.

You guys sure have been going to a lot of conventions. Shouldn’t you be making a game?
Answer: Actually Chris Pope is the one that has been going to conventions, and that has been on his own dime, not the company’s. Mark and Scott have only been to one convention so far and that was GMX 2012. GMX paid for the entire thing.

Do you love us backers?
Answer: We love you more than Orats love chasing Sarien Spider Droids! We love you more than Labion Terror Beasts love Cubix Rubes! We love you more than Fester Blatz loves ear wax! We love you more than Sequel Police love dressing in black! We love you more than… oh you get the picture!


Our buddy Ben from Titanbase productions has a new KS out. Check it out if you have a moment.


So in conclusion, look forward to hearing more from me now that we have everything working like a well oiled machine. We really do appreciate everyones continued patience and understanding as we wrap everything up! I’d also like to leave you with a scene from SpaceVenture(Made by Mark Crowe). Can you guess what those green lines are for? 😉

Thanks everyone!

Chris Pope a.k.a your humble local intergalactic SpacePope