SpaceVenture – Video Inside! And More!

Hello there our dear and most beloved backer buddies! As promised, we have an update for you today! First off, you are probably wondering why we haven’t had anything really cool to share in awhile.. well, to be honest, we have been working on a surprise involving a playable alpha for everyone to have a look at. Due to some difficulties, things kept getting pushed off on the playable alpha, so instead of making everyone wait even longer, we made a small video for you.

Please keep in mind, Mark and Scott are VERY particular in what they want to show, due to spoilers, but I think you guys are gonna love what you see. The video includes original music from Ken Allen(one of the composers from many Sierra On-Line games). Please remember, nothing in this is final. Everything is considered in alpha state as of right now. Well, what are you waiting on? Have a look!


As we mentioned before, we will be shipping all rewards for backers once the game is complete. We do not need your address just yet. When it comes time for us to start shipping everything out to you all, we’ll be requesting everyoneโ€™s current address.

As for GOG credits, we are planning to distribute those in two weeks. Two weeks from now, you’ll get an email(if you are a GOG credit level backer) which will have instructions on receiving your GOG credit rewards ๐Ÿ™‚


May 24-26th – Alabama Phoenix Festival โ€“ Who’s going? Chris Pope

June 21-23rd โ€“ Ancient City Con(Jacksonville, FL) โ€“ Whos going? Chris Pope

July 18-21st โ€“ San Diego Comic Con-SDCC(San Diego, CA) โ€“ Who’s going? Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and Chris Pope

Aug 31-Sep 2nd โ€“ PAX Prime(Seattle, WA) โ€“ Who’s going? Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and Chris Pope

Nov 1-3rd โ€“ GMX (Nashville, TN) โ€“ Who’s going? Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, and Chris Pope


You guys might remember that our friend, James Mulvale wrote the music for our prototypes as well as the Cluck Y’egger game that Titanbase Productions put out. He has a 3D album he’s trying to get funded! Check it out here: