LSL Reload Update #50!

Hi, ya, KSers! It’s me, Al Lowe, back again with another huge bunch of news for our thousands of favorite people in the whole world! (But not everyone. You. Over there. Yeah, you! The person not reading this. You’re no favorite. But all the rest of you are!)

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Larryton Abbey, so let’s get right to the deets!

Alpha release scheduled

Those of you who qualified for the Alpha release of the game get the first big news: right now, we think our Alpha version will be ready for download on February 16, yes, a mere dozen days from right now!

You’ll receive complete details via a Britton Mathews magic email, but I don’t think he’ll mind me letting it slip that it’s going to be a download from Steam. Now remember: this is an Alpha and (like making laws and sausages) it ain’t pretty, but rejoice in the knowledge that you’re going to get the very first look at Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded of anyone outside of us inside the Larry Compound.

Sure, the game is buggy; in fact, it’s so buggy we not going to accept bug reports from you. Nope, all you get to do is enjoy it! No responsibilities. How Larryish!

Beta testers, be patient. You won’t get off so easy; from you, we’re going to expect lots of bug reports. But when the beta release will be, we’re not sure — but it won’t be long from now!

Achievement and Points

We’re in the process of implementing a new Achievement system for the game. While all of my games used Points to indicate your progress (as will this new version), now you’ll be able to share your progress with your friends via Achievements. I can’t tell you much about it, but just think what Achievements from Josh Mandel (and me) could look like. Ah, the implications! The double entendres! The embarrassment!


You know how I feel about game music in general and how much of it is weak. But not Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded! Every weekly update we get from Austin Wintory confirms in my mind what a ge-nius he is — and what a lucky slob I am for being able to land him for our project!

I’m so delighted to hear what he’s doing with my humble little Larry theme song. He’s treating it as a leitmotif that you’ll hear throughout the game, subtly weaving it into a tapestry of beautiful colors that capture the emotion of the various scenes perfectly. And yes, I’m still talking about Leisure Suit Larry.

Box Art

I’ve seen the first drafts of the commemorative box artwork and I love it. You will, too! Talk about a real collector’s item! It’s a masterpiece. This will blow you away.


The game’s logo is now finalized and here it is:


Speaking of artwork, we’ve also finalized the design for the Leisure Suit Larry playing cards, con-doms, cocktail napkins, shot glasses, poker chips, and other cool KS higher level rewards. At the risk of sounding like a broken record (wait; anachronistic), uh, dirty CD (nah; dated) repetitive download (hmm?), anyway, it’s some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen associated with a game. I can’t wait for you to see it. Which you will. Soon. But not too soon!

Fester enters beta

Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold is currently in beta and will be rolled out to PC and Mac via a brand new platform on our very own website, as well as most other major portals worldwide. An-droid and iOS will follow soon after. Set aside some time to enjoy this one!

More is worth a wait

Because of all the cool things we’ve added to the game, our schedule has slipped …a little. We planned for a March release; unfortunately, we’re going to be a few days late. Let’s just say early April.

Please consider this good news: by waiting just a little longer, you’re going to get the best game we can create! And isn’t that worth a little wait?


I didn’t mean to wear out your scrolling finger with this update, but I’m so proud of the Replay and N-Fusion teams and the work they’re doing here at Laffer Manor that I just couldn’t stop bragging!

Until next time,